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About Equip-Used

equip-Used.com offers used equipment, a vast majority of which consists of  embroidery and screen printing equipment from private parties as well as machines repossessed by finance companies.   Most of these machines are typically one to three years old and in good to excellent condition.  Equip-Used.com typically provides a 90 day warranty and can also arrange for training, installation and delivery. 
Embroidery equipment of all brands are available-- from a single head, single needle embroidery machine to 20-head industrial machines.  Most include hoops, cap frames and other accessories, like thread and backing.  Most importantly, these machines have gone or been through thorough refurbishing by a qualified independent or manufacturing technicians.  Click here for our Embroidery Equipment List.

In addition to the equipment, most types of Embroidery Software are available.  Everything from simple lettering programs to Stock Design Collections and full digitizing systems. Some include computers, monitors and even digitizing tablets!
Screen printing equipment is available for a variety of applications- from 4 station, 4 color manual presses to high-speed, fully automatic textile presses with 14 colors.  Presses, dryers, exposure units and accessories are listed for both textile and graphics operations.  Many machines include roller frames, floodbars and squeegees.  Click here for our Screen Printing Equipment List.
Sign Equipment, from vinyl sign cutters to wide format color printers, is available from many different manufacturers.  View our selection to get great quality sign equipment at affordable prices.  Click here for our Sign Equipment List.
Trucks are now available on Equip-Used.com.  Most of our trucks are sold AS IS with no warranty unless otherwise agreed upon by the seller and buyer. Find a collection of flatbed wreckers, box trucks, trailers and more!  Click here for our Truck List.
Other Equipment types are listed on Equip-Used.com as well.  This category is comprised of various equipment from not only the embroidery and screen printing industry, but other unrelated industries.  Click here for our Other Equipment List.

equip-used.com's equipment all come with a 90 day warranty and can arrange training, service, delivery and installation through our nationwide network of technical support at Tech's Corner. The equipment listed herein may be owned by a 3rd party and offered for sale on behalf of that party.

Financing can be provided for up to 60 months through our equipment financing partner, Beacon Funding. For more information, please email or call us today.


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