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Screen Printing Equipment - April 21, 2019
ID#ManufacturerModelYearStateStations/ ColorsOriginal PriceAsking PriceLease PaymentProduct Details
4404Black Body Little Buddy II Conveyor Dryer 2017ILNA$2,352.00 $1,495 Call
4324Brother GT-341 Direct to Garment Printer 2017ILNA$23,995.00 $4,995 Call
4436Brother GT-361 Direct to Garment Printer - Prints on Darks 2018ILNA$12,500.00 $8,995 Call
4407Brother GT-381 Direct to Garment Printer - Prints on Darks 2017ILNA$23,995.00 $9,995 $250
4383Brother GTX-422 Direct to Garment Printer 2017ILNA$22,500.00 $16,495 $328
4037M&R (32 pcs total) 16" floodbars  ILNA$2,560.00 $320 Call
4445M&R Printing Sportsman 8/10 w/ (2) In-Head Flashes 2007IL10/8$52,995.00 $31,995 $767
4392M&R Printing Sportsman EX 10/12 Automatic w/ Red Chili Flash 2011IL10/8$73,495.00 $51,995 $992
4396M&R Printing (12pcs) 4x23 Solid Aluminum Sleeve Pallets  ILNA$1,920.00 $900 Call
4367M&R Printing (14pcs) 10x22 Solid Aluminum Pallets  ILNA$2,240.00 $1,330 Call
4421M&R Printing (22pcs) 18x22 Solid Aluminum Pallets  ILNA$5,320.00 $2,420 Call
4363M&R Printing (28pcs) 14x22 Solid Aluminum Pallets 2016ILNA$4,480.00 $2,660 Call
4053M&R Printing Amscomatic UPA-II Print and Apply Labeling System 2014ILNA$22,400.00 $7,995 $200
4378M&R Printing Nuarc MSP-3140 Screen Exposure Unit 2009ILNA$5,325.00 $2,995 Call
4439M&R Printing Radicure Electric Dryer w/ 10' of Heat! 2006ILNA$20,800.00 $9,495 $237
4441M&R Printing Sprint 2000 Modular Gas Dryer - 12 Feet of Heat! 2003ILNA$33,450.00 $15,995 Call
4406M&R Printing Sprint 2000 Modular Gas Dryer - 60" Wide belt 2011ILNA$47,500.00 $24,995 $599
4388M&R Printing Turnabout Ink Mixer 2011ILNA$2,199.00 $1,295 Call
3826Mystic Spray Out Gun  ILNA$199.00 $75 Call
4389Newman L2 Minimaster Roller Frame Stretching Table 2009ILNA$1,995.00 $995 Call
3824Newman MZX Roller Frames 10" x 13 " OD (QTY 57)  ILNA$3,420.00 $285 Call
4390Newman ST Screen Tension Meter  ILNA$390.00 $249 Call
4438Schulze Pre-Treater Basic 2018ILNA$3,850.00 $2,695 Call
4429Schulze Pre-Treater IV 2017ILNA$5,200.00 $2,995 Call
4433Workhorse Odyssey CD-205 - Compact Conveyor Dryer 2017TXNA$2,125.00 $1,495 Call
4431Workhorse Lumitron LED Exposure Unit 2017TXNA$2,200.00 $1,295 Call
4434Workhorse SUPER SECA-16x16 Flash Cure 2017TXNA$545.00 $399 Call