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  • Does equip-used.com provide customer references?
  • Where does your equipment come from?
  • Why are most of the listings for embroidery and screen printing equipment?
  • What is freeEmbroiderystuff.com?
  • What is the Technician's Corner?
  • Can equip-used.com help me sell my equipment?

  • Does equip-used.com provide customer references?
    We proudly list customer references and testimonials right here on equip-used.com.

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    Where does your equipment come from?
    Equip-used.com offers used equipment, a vast majority of which consists of  embroidery and screen printing equipment from private parties as well as machines repossessed by finance companies. Most of these machines are typically one to three years old and in good to excellent condition.  Equip-Used typically provides a 90 day warranty and can also arrange for training, installation and delivery.

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    Why are most of the listings for embroidery and screen printing equipment?
    Equip-used.com is dedicated to being your #1 site for used embroidery and screen printing equipment. (We also list a few other items that are not necessarily related to this industry.) Together with freeEmbroiderystuff.com and beaconfunding.com we provide invaluable resources to everyone from manufacturers and suppliers to service providers and end-users.  Bookmark these sites and visit them often!

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    What is freeEmbroiderystuff.com?
    freeEmbroiderystuff.com is the #1 destination and web portal for everyone in the embroidery industry. It's the only place where you can:
    • Buy and sell equipment
    • Download embroidery software and stock designs
    • Read embroidery articles and embroidery project instructions
    • Subscribe to magazines
    • Ask questions and share ideas with fellow embroiderers in a forum
    • Register for industry trade shows
    • Find a qualified repair technician

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    What is the Technician's Corner?
    Technicians Corner offers a list of available embroidery service technicians throughout the USA.

    If you have experience as a service technician within the embroidery industry and would like to post your services to the commercial industry on Technician's Corner, please complete our registration form.

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    Can equip-used.com help me sell my equipment?
    Equip-used.com will not post a listing for your equipment, but you can go to freeEmbroiderystuff.com and post a free ad for your equipment by completing the classified ad form.

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