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I purchase a used Brother about 4 years ago. The machine was supposedly checked out by a local mechanic where the machine was located. I turned the machine on to get a motor lock error. I discovered Brother's wonderful tech support personnel and spoke with them for hours. It was determined that the machine required a tech support person to repair the numerous problems. We found that the machine was never actually serviced by the service tech that Beacon had already paid. I requested that Beacon call Wayne from Sew Tech and they did. It took about 2 weeks for Wayne to get to our location but when he did, he spent 8 hours doing repairs on the machine. When it left, it was up and running. Within 5 weeks the motion sensor had to be replaced as well as 2 main memory chips ($800 each). I was able to do the remaining repairs myself but Beacon paid for everything. I had a 90 day warranty on the machine and I am very grateful that I did! Beacon lived up to their end of the bargain and I am positive that they did not make a dime on this machine. When I am ready to purchase another, I will not hesitate to call them. I did not finance the last one but paid cash up front. They already had my money and still fulfilled their end of the bargain. I obviously purchased a machine that was abused but it has basically been rebuilt and runs wonderfully. I am so glad that I went thru Beacon and did not purchase a private machine. Without the warranty, I would have been stuck and out of luck. I cannot stress enough how much a warranty is worth! If you already have several of the same machine and feel comfortable doing your repairs, then that is another story, but this was my first commercial machine and they are VERY different from home machines. My last several interactions with Beacon were with Jeff Mansfield, who was very quick to respond and was a pleasure to work with.

Embroidery Etcetera,

I recently purchased a Toyota machine along with the Datamaster Plus software from equip-used.com. Their customer service from the top down was excellent and provided us the dedication and follow through necessary to get the equipment and software running.

Smiley Bear Design,

I just came back for my second machine from Beacon.  The website (equip-used.com) is a great help in selecting equipment.  The customer service is FANTASTIC; everyone is friendly and helpful and was willing to work to meet my needs.  I feel much more secure knowing that there is a Toyota trained tech on staff, available to answer service or technical questions.  I will definitely be back for my 3rd (and 4th, 5th, etc.) machine!

Smiley Latter Rain Designs,

We recently purchased/leased a used Melco EMC10 from equip-used.com.  This machine has saved us!  It runs beautifully!  Our production has been awesome! I can't imagine operating without it!

Star's Creative Stitches
South Dakota

Our company has worked with Beacon Funding & Equip-Used.com for over 10 years and could not be any happier with the business relationship.  Over the years we have purchased and financed two 12-Head embroidery machines from them.  The equipment we purchased was in wonderful condition, while we received a full warranty which they stood behind as promised!

Advanced Embroidery Design
North Carolina

In June of 2001 we purchased our Single-Head Barudan from Equip-Used.com.  We were pleased with the excellent condition the equipment was in, while the equipment was professionally packaged, delivered and ready to run.  Equip-Used.com even threw in a beautiful machine stand for the Barudan!

Awesome Designs

About 4 years ago we bought our first machine from Equip-Used.com as a start-up company.  We actually drove up to their office and picked up the machine.  The machine needed a small adjustment, which Equip-Used paid to fix and has run great ever since.  We always visit with Equip-Used at the trade shows and have become good friends.  We have expanded our business and now operate a Four-Head machine as well as the Single-Head.  We are thinking about bringing our digitizing in-house and the first people we will call are at Equip-Used.com.  We highly recommend them!

Magic Stitches

We bought our first machine, a Toyota 820A, from Equip-Used.com four and a half years ago.  About a year and a half later we had grown considerably and we went back to Equip-Used and bought a 12-head Tajima.  Both of our machines are still running fine for us today.  Initially, Equip-Used had given us a 90-day warranty on both machines, but  nine months after the warranty expired on our 12-head we had a breakdown.  When we called Equip-Used to explain the problem we were pleasantly surprised to find out that Equip-Used was going to pay for the repairs even though we already had gone 9 months past our warranty!

ABC Lettering

Everything went smoothly.  Beacon Funding offers no-hassle leasing.  Everyone at Beacon has been a pleasure to deal with.

Ad Art Company

Beacon has been fair and good to work with.  Very pleased.

Bear Promotions

Their salesperson's understanding of embroidery equipment helped me get comfortable that I had chosen the right equipment.

Prime Time Promotions

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